Available HTML5 / JavaScript Charts:

line HTML5 / JavaScript charts

Line charts / Area charts

Line and area charts with different axis settings and interactive features like popups and markers.
HTML5 chart: line & area

HTML5 / JavaSript pie charts

Pie charts / Donut charts

HTML5 Pie and donut charts in different styles. Supports circle sectors, extrusion and value summarization.
JavaScript chart: pie & donut

bar HTML5 / JavaScript charts

Bar charts / Column charts

HTML5 bar and column charts in different styles (single bars, stacked bars, 100% stacked bars et cetera)
JavaScript chart: bar & column

HTML5 / JavaSript combined charts

Combined HTML5 / JavaScript charts

Combine HTML5 line and bar chart types in one graph.
HTML5 chart: combined

The first user-friendly charting library on the market

ArcadiaCharts lets you create attractive HTML5 charts in just a few minutes. No need to study lengthy documentation for hours just to create a simple chart. With ArcadiaCharts you define your data, choose a theme (even this can be omitted) and you are done.

This is possible because the layout information is contained in pre-defined theme files (which of course can be adapted in many different ways). It’s this separation of presentation and content that allows for quick results.

HTML5 / JavaScript chart line
HTML5 bar chart

…yet very configurable

"Easy to use" goes hand in hand with an abundance of configuration options. If the standard-themes are not enough: customize the chart details using the extensive API or create your own chart-standard-layout by altering one of the existing themes or generate your own.

If you need to make changes to all HTML5 / JavaScript charts on the website, just alter the one theme file used by all JavaScript charts - done.

HTML5 charts run on all browsers without plugins

ArcadiaCharts renders all HTML5 charts completely within the viewer’s browser. The advantage compared with conventional libraries is that the JavaScript charts are created using the HTML5 Canvas technology. So the user is not forced to install a plugin for Flash or Silverlight, which is often not possible in enterprise environments (and these plugins are not supported by iPhones and iPads). For browsers that do not support Canvas the alternative VML technology is automatically used instead.

HTML5 chart supported browsers
HTML5 / JavaScript chart theme

Premium graphics

ArcadiaCharts JavaScript charts contain many first-class templates. Create great looking JavaScript charts in just minutes. Designer templates give your website an appealing look and communicate expertise and intrinsic value to your customers.

Feature summary of JavaScript charts

  • Supports JavaScript charts like: bar, pie, column, donut, area, stacked bar, 100% stacked bar, 3D pie and 3D bar chart, scatter plot and more
  • Dynamic popups and markers
  • Every HTML5 chart can have different axis types like date axis, logarithmic axis and linear axis
  • Rich library of graphical templates ("themes"), professional-looking HTML5 / JavaScript chart designs and layout templates, extensive collection of example charts
  • Extensive legend configuration options
  • Definition of color palettes, pre-defined color schemes, automatic color matching features
  • Predefined graphical themes (XML layout interface) for different purposes (business/presentation/...), fully adaptable to your needs through an XML interface, full separation of presentation and content within your HTML5 chart.
  • CSV data import
  • Configurable number and label formatting
  • Flexible configuration of axes, data grids and tick marks
  • Integration of images into your JavaScript chart
  • Any user-defined font can be used, flexible text labels, title/footer and hyperlink configuration
  • If required, HTML5 charts can be extended freely through the use of user-defined primitives (paint routines) defined in a powerful proprietary scripting laguage (based on html5-canvas)
  • Pie charts with pie section charts, aggregation of small values, 3d view, and more

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