Separation of presentation and content

Separation of presentation and content

Check out this demo to see it in action.

The main principle behind arcadiaCharts interactive JavaScript charts is it's "theming concept", which separates presentation from content.

The look-and-feel of a JavaScript chart is defined in two xml-files called "Theme" and "ColorScheme". arcadiaCharts comes with many pre-defined standard-themes and -colorSchemes which cover a wide range of design-styles. These theme xml-files can be edited by the developer to change the design of a chart. Adaption of the charting library to your website's colors or design-elements has never been easier: just change the appropriate elements in one of the xml-files once and all charts implementing this theme/colorScheme will reflect the changes made.

Thus the novice can create top quality interactive JavaScript charts in minutes without any previous knowledge by just specifying the data to be presented and which design artwork (theme and colorscheme) to use.

The advanced user or graphics designer can alter an existent theme/colorScheme and thereby predefine a corporate look-and-feel which can easily be used for all charts on a website.

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