ArcadiaCharts is a premium HTML5/JavaScript charting component for charts & graphs in web based environments.

many types of gwt charts

Abundance of charts & graphs

With arcadiaCharts JavaScript charts you can create attractive, interactive 2D and 3D JavaScript and GWT charts within minutes. Supported charts & graphs are: line, area, pie, donut, bar, column, scatter, xy, logarithmic scale charts, time plot.

Charts & graphs on all browsers without plugins

The charting library is platform independent. It is pure JavaScript and runs on all browsers without plugins. Therefore even "exotic" platforms which do not support plugins like flash can display charts & graphs that have been created with arcadiaCharts.

browsers suporting our charting library
sales barchart screenshot

Premium graphics

arcadiaCharts contains many first-class templates. Create great looking web charts & graphs in just minutes. Designer templates give your website an appealing look and communicate expertise and intrinsic value to your customers.

Powerful – yet easy to use

arcadiaCharts enables developers to create attractive charts & graphs with almost no previous knowledge about the API or a programming language. Define your data, choose a theme (even this can be omitted) - done.

If the standard-themes are not enough: customize your graphs details using the extensive API or create your own chart-standard-layout by altering one of the existing themes or generate your own.

If you need to make changes to all charts & graphs on the website, just alter the one theme file used by all charts - done.

interactive graphs


Interactivity is one of the main reasons for choosing a HTML5 graph instead of a static image. arcadiaCharts includes a number of interactive features. Popups and markers display additional information associated with a value point when the user ‘hovers’ over the chart with the mouse. If the feature is turned on, a popup is displayed when the user moves the mouse over a value point. A marker behaves differently. When the user moves the mouse within the chart area the marker ‘follows’ the mouse and displays current values in little popup boxes.

Define color and style

arcadiaCharts charts & graphs include a very powerful mechanism for defining the chart style called "theming". A theme is an xml file which includes all design-specific aspects of the chart. A number of preconfigured themes is included in arcadiaCharts covering a lot of different styles. The advanced user can alter one of the existing themes or define one by himself. This feature enables you to adapt our charts & graphs to your corporate look-and-feel.

Theming of charts and graphs
javascript chart logarithmic axis

Axis settings

JavaScript line-charts and bar-charts can have three axes: X-axis, Y-axis and 2nd Y-axis. Each axis is of a specific type. The type of the axis determines how values are displayed in the graph. Supported axis types are: category axis, linear axis, date axis and logarithmic axis.

Available chart types

Line charts

Available features for the JavaScript graph "LineChart" include: different themes and color schemes, background images, inserting images into header and legend, definition of axis label formatter, definition of axis caption, second Y axis, linear, category, date and logarithmic axis types, manually setting the number of tickmarks, automatic value point suppression if too many are present, different value point symbols, changing line width and color, definition of plot area background color and graph background color.

javascript line chart
javascript bar chart

Bar and column charts

This type of HTML5 Chart displays the values in the form of a barchart. Features include: horizontal (column graphs) and vertical (bar chart) bars, stacked bars, stacked 100% bars, negative bars, different themes and color schemes, background images, inserting images into header and legend, definition of axis label formatter and axis caption, linear, category, date and logarithmic axis types, definition of bar width and of space between bars.

Pie and donut charts

This type of JavaScript chart can be displayed as pie or donut chart. Features: definition of start and end angle (drawing only a section of the circle), different 2D and 3D styles, summarization of values under a threshold into one slice, extruding pie slices, definition of text on pie slices, header, legend, footer, definition of font color and size, popups, background images.

javascript pie chart
combined javascript chart

Combined charts

Combination of bar and linechart as seen in the example. This JavaScript chart type includes all features of bar chart plus the ability to draw one value set as line.

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